Untitled Kerry Ehrin/ Jason Katims Cop Project
Network: NBC
Studio: Universal Television
Production Company: True Jack Productions
Executive Producers: Kerry Ehrin, Jason Katims, Michelle Lee
Writer: Kerry Ehrin
Logline: The story of two unlikely female partners in the Boston P.D. — one a 40-something single mom with a ton of baggage; the other an ambitious Latina 20-something wannabe-hotshot with a lot to learn. It’s a cat and mouse game of who-can-you-trust told through the lens of two high spirited, slightly insane professionals.
SSN Insight: Kerry Ehrin worked on Katims’ series Friday Night Lights for six years and has also worked on his series Parenthood. This is the third sale for True Jack, who is developing Former Fat Girl for NBC and a law firm romantic comedy with writer Sarah Watson at ABC.

The After Party
Network: ABC Entertainment Group
Studio: ABC Television Studios
Production Company: Mark Gordon Company
Executive Producer: Mark R. Gordon
Writer: Scott King
Logline: About three recently single siblings who have two things in common: 1) insanely happily married parents and 2) failed marriages.
SSN Insight: This is one of two comedies recently sold by Gordon. The other, Clothing Optional, was bought by Fox.

Clothing Optional
Network: Fox Broadcasting Company
Studio: ABC Television Studios
Production Company: Mark Gordon Company
Executive Producer: Mark R. Gordon
Writer: Scott King
Logline: About a family who own and operate a wholesome all-inclusive resort but suddenly must put their morality and better judgment on hold when a scandal rocks their hotel and they decide to just go with it – and turn the place into a Clothing Optional resort to keep the business afloat.
SSN Insight: The Mark Gordon Company has recently been attached to redevelop Big Thunder, from last development season, for ABC.

Show & Tell
Network: ABC Entertainment Group
Studio: ABC Television Studios
Production Company: Shondaland
Executive Producers: Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers, Dan Bucatinsky
Writer: Dan Bucatinsky
Logline: About the lives, loves, and scandalous secrets of a group of parents whose kids attend the same school.
Details: Inspired by Bucatinsky’s book about parenthood, Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight?
SSN Insight: This is Shondaland’s fifth project sold this development season. Bucatinsky is currently recurring on ABC’s Scandal, which is also produced by Rhimes.

Untitled Ali Rushfield Project
Network: ABC Entertainment Group
Studio: ABC Television Studios
Production Company: Brillstein Entertainment Partners
Executive Producers: Robin Schwartz, Alexandra Rushfield
Writer: Alexandra Rushfield
Logline: Centers on a 36-year-old woman/child who finally begins to grow up when she moves in with two 21-year-old girls.
SSN Insight: Rushfield is also developing the comedy Stuck, which has a pilot commitment at Fox, while Brillstein Entertainment is developing two additional projects for ABC: Women & Girls, from Kristin Newman and the drama Princess from writer Jordon Nardino.

Network: NBC Entertainment
Studio: Universal Television
Production Company: Kapital Entertainment
Executive Producer: Aaron Kaplan
Writer: Michael Alaimo
Logline: Centers on a mysterious alien life form recovered from a derelict spacecraft who escapes into the woods outside a small Oregon town. The show explores the characters of that town – and one family in particular – as they are forever changed by the discovery of this new visitor.
SSN Insight: This is the second spec script sold this season by Kapital Entertainment, the first was The Henchman to Fox, making this their tenth sale this season.

The Worst Best Thing
Network: Fox Broadcasting Company
Studio: Sony Pictures Television
Production Company: Exhibit A
Executive Producer: Gregory S. Malins (EP/Showrunner), Seth Gordon
Writers: Barry Schwartz, Gregory S. Malins
Logline: About three couples — two with new babies and one who’s expecting — who have known each other since grade school and are very angry at all the people who lied to them about how “wonderful and beautiful” having babies is. It is almost never those things. But the few amazing moments that are make up for almost all of it.
SSN Insight: Malins is also developing Half at NBC; Gordon has recently sold Marry Me to NBC.

Man On Fire
Network: Fox Broadcasting Company
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television
Production Company: New Regency Productions
Executive Producers: David DiGilio, Brad Weston, Andrew Plotkin, Arnon Milchan
Writer: David DiGilio
Logline: Revolves around former CIA operative turned bodyguard John Creasy as he reconnects with Pita, the girl he saves in the movie, 18 years later to dismantle the cartel responsible for ruining their lives.
Details: A sequel to the 2004 film, Man on Fire, (USA, 2004), directed by Tony Scott.
SSN Insight: Project was being developed last summer with Tony Scott attached, but was pushed after the director’s tragic death.

Network: Fox Broadcasting Company
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television
Production Company: New Regency Productions
Executive Producers: Todd Komarnicki, Arnon Milchan, Alexandra Milchan, Brad Weston, Andrew Plotkin
Writer: Todd Komarnicki
Logline: Explores the human cost when war becomes entertainment.
Details: Based on the graphic novel Cyclops, written by Alexis Nolent.

Network: ABC Entertainment Group
Studio: ABC Television Studios
Executive Producers: June Diane Raphael, Casey Wilson, Jonathan Groff
Cast: June Diane Raphael
Writers: June Diane Raphael, Casey Wilson
Logline: Centers on a thirty-something couple (double-income, no kids) that straddles the line between life with kids and single life without them.
SSN Insight: Project reunites Groff and Wilson who worked together on the recently cancelled ABC series Happy Endings.

Sister Whipped
Network: CBS Entertainment
Studio: Universal Television
Production Companies: David Janollari Entertainment, Wonder Monkey
Executive Producers: David Janollari, Steve McPherson, Hank Nelken
Writer: Hank Nelken
Logline: A man raised by his sisters searches to define what it means to be a “guy” in the modern world, while struggling with the “half woman” he was nurtured to be.
Details: Based on Nelken’s real life experience.
SSN Insight: Janollari is also developing three projects for NBC: Conception, Gifted, and Bitch Off the Ol’ Block. McPherson is developing three other projects for Fox: Be Your Best Friend, Here’s Your Damn Family, and an untitled project with Brandon Schwartz.

Network: CW Television Network
Studio: CBS Television Studios
Executive Producer: Michael London
Writer: Kyle Jarrow
Logline: When a Texas teenager announces she is transgender and will be living life as a boy, his dysfunctional family spirals into an identity crises of their own and he discovers that he might be the most well-adjusted of them all.
SSN Insight: London is currently executive producing Betas for Amazon.

The Runt
Network: CBS Entertainment
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television
Production Company: Small Dog Picture Company
Executive Producers: Jason Winer, Kay Cannon, Renate Radford
Director: Jason Winer
Writer: Kay Cannon
Logline: About a group of five adult siblings from the point of view of The Runt. Always the scrawniest and the butt of the joke, she’s now the most successful. And no matter how hard she tries, she can’t seem to break the family dynamics established when she was a kid.
SSN Insight: This marks the first sale for Winer’s production company, which he started up in June, alongside Radford. Winer is also the executive producer and director of multiple episodes for the new CBS series The Crazy Ones.

Untitled Matt Silverstein-Dave Jeser Project
Network: Fox Broadcasting Company
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television
Executive Producers: Matt Silverstein, Dave Jeser
Writers: Matt Silverstein, Dave Jeser
Logline: Centers around brothers from a multi-racial family who, when reunited in their hometown as adults, quickly find that their past as troublemakers is about to finally catch up with them.
Details: Loosely based on Matt Silverstein and Dave Jeser’s shared childhood experiences.
SSN Insight: The writing duo met in high school and landed their first gig together in 1998, producing segments of Comedy Central’s The Man Show.

Eye Candy
Network: MTV Networks
Production Company: Blumhouse Productions
Executive Producers: Jason Blum, Catherine Hardwicke
Co-Executive Producer: Emmy Grinwis
Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Writer: Emmy Grinwis
Logline: Centers on tech genius Lindy, who is persuaded by her roommate to begin online dating and begins to suspect that one of her mysterious suitors might be a deadly cyber stalker.
Details: Based on the novel Eye Candy, written by R.L. Stine. Project was ordered straight to pilot.
SSN Insight: MTV has also greenlit the drama Finding Carter from Emily Silver and Terri Minsky.

The Thirteen
Network: ABC Entertainment Group
Studio: Lionsgate Television
Executive Producer: Allison Shearmur
Writers: Jim Agnew, Sean Keller
Logline: A contemporary drama that takes place in a world in which the colonies lost their bid for independence, and America is still fighting the British for freedom.
SSN Insight: Feature writers Agnew and Keller recently wrote Tokarev starring Nicolas Cage for Hannibal Classics. Shearmur is developing and producing the recently announced FX project American Psycho.

Network: NBCUniversal
Studio: Sony Pictures Television
Production Company: Davis Entertainment
Executive Producers: John Davis, John Fox, Gregory Poirier
Writer: Gregory Poirier
Logline: An enterprising criminal discovers the CIA’s biggest agent, is actually a fake invented hero meant to distract the public from their recent failures. The criminal assumes the spy’s identity and steps into his sexy world-traveling life. The CIA can’t out him or else they’d be outing themselves.
SSN Insight: Davis and Fox are also producing the new fall series Ironside and The Blacklist for NBC.

Untitled Aseem Batra Project
Network: NBCUniversal
Studio: Universal Television
Production Company: Kapital Entertainment
Executive Producers: Aaron Kaplan, Aseem Batra
Writer/Creator: Aseem Batra
Logline: A single-dad moves his out-of-control family from the chaos of a big city to a quiet but quirky town in the Deep South.
Details: Loosely based on Batra’s life growing up in Georgia.
SSN Insight: Batra is currently consulting on NBC’s new fall series Sean Saves The World.

Season Tickets
Network: NBCUniversal
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television
Executive Producers: Matthew Zinman, Craig Gerard
Writers/Creators: Matthew Zinman, Craig Gerard
Logline: A New York transplant finds family when he joins a section of season ticket holders for the Kansas City Royals.
SSN Insight: Gerard and Zinman are currently working on CBS’ How I Met Your Mother; this is the first project they have sold together.

The Middle Man
Network: Fox Broadcasting Company
Production Company: Pearl Street Films
Executive Producers: Ben Affleck, Glenn Gordon Caron, Chay Carter
Co-Executive Producers: Emilio Mauro, Michael Yebba
Director: Ben Affleck
Writer: Glenn Gordon Caron
Story By: Emilio Mauro, Michael Yebba, Glenn Gordon Caron
Logline: Set in Boston in the 1960s, an FBI agent charged with taking down the Italian mafia, and his confidential informant, whose efforts inadvertently give rise to the Irish mob, as he finds himself bending the laws he is governed by.
Details: Project bought with a straight to pilot commitment.
SSN Insight: This is the first TV pilot that Affleck has ever signed on to direct.

Network: Fox Broadcasting Network
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television
Production Companies: Boom! Studios, Teakwood Lane Productions
Executive Producers: Ben Queen, Howard Gordon, Ross Richie, Peter Adam Golden
Producer: Hugh Fitzpatrick
Writer: Ben Queen
Logline: Tells the story of the unlikely pairing of a by-the-book FBI agent and a washed-up screenwriter who team up to stop a plot to attack the U.S. that the screenwriter and others concocted in a government-sponsored think tank years earlier.
Details: Based on the comic book Unthinkable, written by Mark Sable.
SSN Insight: Gordon’s Teakwood Lane Productions is also producing Tyrant, for FX, set to air early 2014, as well as developing the event series 24: Live Another Day for Fox.

Untitled Joe Port-Joe Wiseman-Mike White Project
Network: NBC Entertainment
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television
Production Company: RipCord Productions
Executive Producers: Joe Port, Mike White, Joe Wiseman, David Bernad
Producer: Flynn McGarry
Writers: Joe Port, Joe Wiseman
Logline: A driven but naive 16-year-old prodigy chef gets a job working in the kitchen for his idol, a temperamental and unpredictable celebrity chef.
Details: Inspired by the life of teenage prodigy Chef Flynn McGarry.
SSN Insight: White has recently come off of two seasons on HBO’s Enlightened, while Port and Wiseman recently shot a pilot for NBC entitled Joe, Joe and Jane, which ultimately was not picked up.

Bitch Off The ‘Ol Block
Network: NBC Entertainment
Studio: Universal Television
Production Company: David Janollari Entertainment
Executive Producers: Lauren Iungerich, David Janollari
Writer: Lauren Iungerich
Logline: Centers on a young professional woman whose life is turned upside down when her biological daughter, who turns out to be a younger smart-ass version of herself, moves in with her and her roommates.
SSN Insight: Iungerich, who just stepped down from MTV’s Awkward, is also developing Damaged Goods for ABC.

My Parents Are Too F**king Happy
Network: NBC Entertainment
Studio: Universal Television
Production Company: Silent Machine Entertainment
Executive Producers: Krysten Ritter, Lindsey Liberatore
Writer: Heather Hach
Logline: About three romantically inept siblings who have been emotionally traumatized by their parents’ blissfully perfect marriage.
SSN Insight: This is the second sale for Ritter’s Silent Machine Entertainment. Their first sale was also to NBC with an Untitled Liz Vassey bowling comedy with Aaron Kaplan’s, Kapital Entertainment.

Untitled Ron Shelton Basketball Project
Network: Showtime Networks
Production Companies: IDW, Street Reason Entertainment, NINE/8 Entertainment
Executive Producers: Ron Shelton, Jeanie Buss, Linda Rambis, Kurt Rambis, Phil Jackson, Brett Tomberlin, Brian J. Gilbert, Andrew Trapani, Todd Berger
Director: Ron Shelton
Writer: Ron Shelton
Logline: Set behind the scenes of a pro basketball team and the family that runs it.

Far From The Tree
Network: Fox Broadcasting Company
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television
Executive Producers: Becky Hartman-Edwards, Ruben Fleischer
Writer: Becky Hartman-Edwards
Logline: Focuses on the members of an all-American family whose lives are turned upside down when their eldest son is involved in a large scale eco-terrorist attack. The show centers on the parents and siblings of the eco-terrorist as they deal with the FBI, media and community at large, all while unraveling the complex mystery as to how and why one of their own became so radicalized.

Harmony House
Network: NBC Entertainment
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television
Production Company: Kapital Entertainment
Executive Producers: Neil LaBute, Aaron Kaplan
Writer: Neil LaBute
Logline: Centers on a young psychiatric resident who finds the woman of his dreams in the most unlikely of places: as a patient in the psychiatric facility where he recently has taken a job.

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