A look at recent television pilots

New Pilots:

The 4th Reich

Network: Showtime
Studio: CBS Television Studios
Production Company: Tribeca Films
Exec Prod: Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal
Writer: Sonya Winton, Jonathan Kidd
Logline: Drama about a former neo-Nazi leader in South Boston who gets out of jail in exchange for being an FBI informant.
SSN Insight: This project is seen as a companion piece to Tribeca and Google Idea’s social advocacy work “Against Violent Extremism,” a social network bringing together former violent extremists and their victims.


Network: HBO
Production Company: Duplass Brothers Productions
Exec Prod: Mark Duplass, Jay Duplass, Stephanie Langhoff (Co-EP)
Writer: Mark Duplass, Jay Duplass
Logline: Comedy about two couples who must share a living situation.
SSN Insight: HBO ordered this project to pilot. The indie comedy/drama tone familiar to the Duplass Brothers’ feature films would fit well with the character comedy of HBO’s Golden Globe winner “Girls.”

FX / Andrew Gurland Marriage Comedy

Network: FX
Studio: FX Productions
Production Company: Principato-Young Entertainment
Exec Prod: Andrew Gurland, Paul Young, Peter Principato
Writer: Andrew Gurland
Logline: Comedy about a woman who gives her husband permission to find a mistress in order to help save their marriage.
SSN Insight: Risqué material fits well with FX’s other edgy comedy series like “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”, “The League” and “Louie.”

Pilots Picked Up:


Network: NBC
Studio: Warner Bros. Television
Production Company: Bad Robot
Exec Prod: J.J. Abrams, Alfonso Cuaron, Mark Friedman, Bryan Burk
Writer: Alfonso Cuaron, Mark Friedman
Logline: Drama about a girl with special powers who is protected by a man recently released from prison.
SSN Insight: This is one of two pilots for J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot shingle. He is also producing a buddy cop pilot for Fox.


Network: ABC
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television
Exec Prod: Kyle Killen
Writer: Kyle Killen
Logline: Drama about two brothers – one a bipolar genius in human behavior, the other an ex-con – who run an agency where they use behavioral science to solve cases.
SSN Insight: Writer Killen tries a new network after critically acclaimed, but short-lived series at Fox and NBC.

The Tomorrow People

Network: CW
Studio: Warner Bros. Television
Production Company: Berlanti Productions, FremantleMedia
Exec Prod: Greg Berlanti, Julie Plec
Writer: Phil Klemmer
Logline: Drama about young people who discover they are the next stage of human evolution and use their extraordinary powers to fight evil.
SSN Insight: Based on the classic British series that aired from 1973-1979.

Killer Women

Network: ABC
Studio: ABC Television Studios
Production Company: Latin World Entertainment, Electus
Exec Prod: Sofia Vergara, Ben Silverman, Martin Campbell, Hannah Shakespeare, Luis Balaguer
Writer: Hannah Shakespeare
Logline: Drama about a female Texas ranger.
SSN Insight: Sofia Vergara stays at her “Modern Family” network to produce this adaptation of the Argentine series “Mujeres Asesinas.”

Hatfields & McCoys

Network: NBC
Studio: ABC Television Studios
Production Company: Denver & Delilah Films, Flynn Picture Co., Grady Twins Productions, Tower Hill
Exec Prod: Charlize Theron, Beau Flynn, Dawn Parouse Olmstead, A.J. Dix
Writer: John Glenn
Logline: Drama is a modern take on the legendary tale of the feuding families.
SSN Insight: Oscar winner Theron and her Denver & Delilah banner get their first pilot pickup under their deal with ABC Television Studios.


Network: CW
Studio: CBS Television Studios
Production Company: Timberman/Beverly Productions
Exec Prod: David Marshall Grant, Sarah Timberman, Carl Beverly
Writer: Vera Herbert
Logline: Drama about a family that is changed when the father is in a serious car accident. Though he is in a coma, of sorts, he can still hear and see everything that is happening, so his thoughts will act as narration and observation.

Bad Teacher

Network: CBS
Studio: Sony Pictures Television
Production Company: Mosaic, Quantity Entertainment
Exec Prod: Hilary Winston, Gene Stupnitsky, Lee Eisenberg, Sam Hansen, Jimmy Miller
Writer: Hilary Winston
Logline: Comedy about a foulmouthed, ruthless and inappropriate junior high school teacher.
SSN Insight: Based on the 2011 feature film which starred Cameron Diaz.


Network: Fox
Studio: Warner Bros. Studio
Production Company: John Wells Productions
Exec Prod: John Wells, Davey Holmes, Andrew Stearn
Writer: Davey Holmes
Logline: Drama that is the story of a family who work as assassins for the government.


Network: ABC
Studio: ABC Television Studios
Production Company: Hat Trick Productions
Exec Prod: Simeon Goulden, Jimmy Mulville, Helen Williams
Writer: Simeon Goulden (in negotiations)
Logline: Comedy about a nerdy computer salesman who is mistakenly recruited by a top level spy agency.
SSN Insight: Based on the British series created by Goulden. “Childrens Hospital” star Rob Corddry is set to star.

NBC / John Mulaney / Lorne Michaels Comedy

Network: NBC
Studio: Universal Television
Production Company: 3 Arts Entertainment, Broadway Video, Inc.
Exec Prod: Lorne Michaels, Andrew Singer, David Becky, David Miner
Writer: John Mulaney
Logline: Comedy based on the life of comedian John Mulaney.

The Hundred

Network: CW
Studio: Warner Bros. Television
Production Company: Alloy Entertainment
Exec Prod: Jason Rothenberg, Leslie Morgenstein, Gina Girolamo
Writer: Jason Rothenberg
Logline: Drama set 97 years after an civilization-destroying nuclear war, when 100 surviving juvenile delinquents are sent back to Earth with the aim of recolonizing.
SSN Insight: Based on an upcoming post-apocalyptic series of novels.

ABC / Cullen Bros / James Caan Sports Comedy

Network: ABC
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television
Production Company: Kapital Entertainment
Exec Prod: Robb Cullen, Mark Cullen, Aaron Kaplan
Writer: Robb Cullen, Mark Cullen
Logline: Comedy about a divorced single mother who is forced to move in with her former baseball-playing father for help raising her son.
SSN Insight: James Caan is in negotiations to star.

Super Clyde

Network: CBS
Studio: CBS Studios
Exec Prod: Greg Garcia
Writer: Greg Garcia
Logline: Comedy about a meek fast food worker who decides to change his life and become a super hero.
SSN Insight: Greg Garcia landed two pilot orders at CBS this season—this project and “The Unauthorized Greg Garcia Project.”


Network: ABC
Studio: Sony Pictures Television
Exec Prod: David Shore
Writer: David Shore
Logline: Drama about a former cop-turned low-rent lawyer who uses his street smarts to help his clients while fighting the demons of his past.
SSN Insight: “House” creator Shore gets his first pilot pick up of the season. He also has a pilot in contention at Fox, where “House” aired for eight seasons.


Network: Fox
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television
Exec Prod: Seth MacFarlane, Alec Sulkin, Wellesley Wild
Writer: Alec Sulkin, Wellesley Wild
Logline: Comedy about two guys who find their lives disrupted when their dads move in with them.
SSN Insight: The creative team behind the hit feature film “Ted,” this project has been given a straight-to-series order with a six episode commitment.

Beverly Hills Cop

Network: CBS
Studio: Sony Pictures Television
Production Company: Midd Kid Productions
Exec Prod: Eddie Murphy, Shawn Ryan, Marney Hochman
Writer: Shawn Ryan
Logline: Based on the film series, a comedic police procedural following the son of Detroit cop Axel Foley, who moves to Los Angeles to get out of his dad’s shadow.
SSN Insight: Eddie Murphy will reprise his role of Axel Foley as a guest star for the pilot, but is expected to recur should the pilot be ordered to series.

Friends & Family

Network: Fox
Studio: Sony Pictures Television
Production Company: BBC Worldwide Productions, Baby Cow Productions
Exec Prod: Jane Tranter, Julie Gardner, James Corden, Ruth Jones, Henry Normal, David Rosen
Writer: David Rosen
Logline: Comedy about two lovers who try to navigate a long distance relationship.
SSN Insight: Continuing a trend of pilots based on British series, this project is based on the very popular BBC series “Gavin & Stacey.” This is the second time broadcast networks have attempted to adapt “Gavin & Stacey,” with ABC trying in 2010.

Welcome To The Family

Network: NBC
Studio: Sony Pictures Television
Exec Prod: Mike Sikowitz
Writer: Mike Sikowitz
Logline: Comedy about a white family and a Latino family who find themselves bonded together when their children fall in love and get pregnant.

I Suck At Girls (Untitled Justin Halpern/Patrick Schumacker Comedy)

Network: Fox
Studio: Warner Bros. Television
Production Company: Doozer Productions
Exec Prod: Bill Lawrence, Jeff Ingold, Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker
Writer: Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker
Logline: Comedy that is the story of a boy becoming a man, then a father.
SSN Insight: Justin Halpern is adapting his own book for this project. Halpern previously adapted his twitter feed, “$#*! My Dad Says” for a series on CBS.

Girlfriend In A Coma

Network: NBC
Studio: Universal Television
Production Company: Wolf Films, Inc.
Exec Prod: Dick Wolf, Liz Brixius
Writer: Liz Brixius
Logline: Comedy about a 34-year-old woman who wakes up from 20 year coma to discover she has a 17-year-old daughter.
SSN Insight: Dramatic stalwart producer Dick Wolf makes a rare venture into comedy with this pilot.


Network: Fox
Studio: Sony Pictures Television
Production Company: Atelier, Essential Media, Fedora Entertainment
Exec Prod: Peter Duncan, Richard Roxburgh, Ian Collie, Peter Tolan, Michael Wimer, Greg Kinnear (Co-EP)
Writer: Peter Duncan
Logline: Drama follows the story of a brilliant but self-destructive defense attorney who can never help but speak his mind.
SSN Insight: Oscar nominee Greg Kinnear has committed to his first television project as the lead in this adaptation of the Australian series of the same name.


Network: NBC
Studio: ABC Television Studios
Production Company: Brillstein Entertainment Partners, Dare to Pass
Exec Prod: Anthony Zuiker, Whit Anderson, JoAnn Alfano, Margaret Riley, Matt Weinberg
Writer: Whit Anderson
Logline: Drama follows the further adventures of Alice, now joined by new character Clara, in the fantastical world of Wonderland.
SSN Insight: This is one of two “Alice in Wonderland” projects developed this season, with the CW version going the modern update route.

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