The Academy Awards still rule the roost when it comes to entertainment awards shows. Still, in this era of web series, transmedia, blogs, and endless Ryan Gosling memes, the Streamy Awards are finally poised to carve out a niche and make their mark. Streamy logo

The third annual Streamy Awards aired online this past Sunday. The last show was in 2010, and technical gaffes along with lackluster reception (plus two streakers taking the stage) did not bode well for the event. The producers took a step back, and this year’s show was a success. The ceremony, which was sponsored by Coca-Cola, honors the best in original online video content. The winners are chosen by an industry panel known as the Streamy Awards Blue Ribbon Panel, and it’s a great place to find out about the next generation of content creators.

Some winners are familiar faces (Ken Marino, Ken Jeong) and well-known series and events (Halo 4, Red Bull Stratos).  Some are up-and-comers to keep an eye on. Here’s a look at some of this year’s winners.

Best Direction: Stewart Hendler, H+The Digital Series

Best Male Performance, Comedy: Ken Marino, Burning Love

Best Female Performance, Comedy: Hannah Hart, My Drunk Kitchen

Best Writing, Comedy: Bernie Su, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Best Writing, Drama: Tony Valenzuela, Black Box TV

Best Host: KassemG, California On

Best Male Performance, Drama: Xander Berkeley, The Booth at the End

Best Female Performance, Drama: Missy Peregrym, Cybergeddon

Best Guest Appearance: Ken Jeong, Burning Love

It’s worth looking through the full list of nominees as well, as there’s a lot of up-and-coming talent coming out of the show, and on the Internet in general. Cross-platform entertainment has the potential to reach a large audience, and many of these shows have already built up a loyal audience online and via social media. It’s also becoming more common for short web series and webisodes like Tiny Apartment at Comedy Central and Broad City (in development at Comedy Central, with Amy Poehler as a producer) to take the leap to TV pilots.

Take a look at the rest of the award winners HERE.

Dina Gachman

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