Oscar Statues on display at the Time WarOver the course of awards season you will read countless articles from critics on who will win the coveted golden Oscar. These predictions are often based on their “expert” opinion, number of total award wins, and other critics’ opinions. In contrast, StudioSystemNews will look at a new way of predicting the Academy Awards: utilizing The Studio System, the most comprehensive database in the industry.

To make educated predictions, you must also research the voting pool’s composition. The Oscars’ voting pool consists of film professionals who were invited to join the Academy. By and large the Academy members are also guild members with the majority holding SAG cards. It should be noted, not all branches have corresponding Academy Award categories. Members of the Public Relations and Executives branches aren’t usually guild members. However, the guild awards still remain the best indicator for predictions as the lion’s share of Oscar categories correlate well.

Click here to see Studio System News’ analysis of the nominees and projected winners.

Diane Panosian

Diane Panosian is an editor for SSN Insider with a focus on financial and awards tracking.

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