richard_burton_and_liz_taylorIt’s amazing to think that an actor as famous and respected as Richard Burton never had a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame until today. Recipients have to be nominated, and it was only last year that Welsh Professor Dylan Jones-Evans threw Burton’s name in the ring. The star, which is right next to Elizabeth Taylor’s at Hollywood and Ivar, was unveiled today.

Burton’s fellow Welshman Michael Sheen gave a rousing speech, saying that Wales is a country of “tough men and tougher women.” He said that Burton and Sir Anthony Hopkins inspired his own dreams of becoming an actor. “Yes, there must be something in the water,” he joked about such huge talents coming from such a small country.  “It’s a moment of great pride and honor for me,” Sheen explained.

It’s easy to take all the stars on the Walk of Fame for granted, unless you’re a tourist who is giddy when they see the name of their favorite icon. Seeing an actor like Burton finally get his due is something else. It reminds you of what real talent looks like. Cleopatra, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Hamlet – they’re some of the best performances around. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce declared March 1 “Richard Burton Day in Hollywood.” He definitely earned it.

Dina Gachman

In addition to SSN Insider, Dina Gachman's writing has appeared in Forbes, Bustle, The Hairpin, Salon, and the Los Angeles Review of Books. Her first book, BROKENOMICS, will be published by Seal Press this April. You can find her on Twitter @TheElf26.

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