The day before millions of people all over the world tune in to watch the Oscars, the Spirit Awards have their moment in Santa Monica. Nominees and veterans of the indie film world gather under tents to honor the best films made outside the studio system. First-time Spirit Awards host Andy Samberg kept it moving and broke up the show with a few of his trademark digital shorts.

He looked pretty dapper, but some thought he chose “a bewildering green tuxedo.” Maybe he took his cues from the shiny green Godzilla dress that Florence Welch donned at the Grammys recently.

Whatever the inspiration, the Spirit Awards are about self-expression, independence, and being able to rock a green tux if you want to. Samberg paid tribute to Baltimore native John Waters, a past host and one of the Godfathers of indie filmmaking, by calling him, “the Brad Pitt of Baltimore.” Despite the green tux and some anti-Hollywood jokes, Deadline said that, “the show was a lot tamer than in previous looser years.” spiritawards

Quvenzhane Wallis, the youngest Best Actress Oscar nominee in history, was also nominated for a Spirit Award, but lost to Jennifer Lawrence. The Los Angeles Times wrote that Wallis was “pouting about doing interviews” on Saturday. Who can blame her though? She’s not even ten years old, so what looks like a glamorous open-bar party to most attendees probably just looks like a bunch of very tall adults to her.

Silver Linings Playbook swept the Spirit Awards on Saturday, taking home Best Director, Best Actress, Best Feature, and Best Screenplay. The New York Times said that Beasts of the Southern Wild was “overlooked” by Silver Linings Playbook, which had “Hollywood names and a budget that was $20 million higher.”

When David O. Russell took the stage to claim his Best Director and Best Screenplay awards, he acknowledged the director of Beasts, the film that the New York Times thought was “overlooked.” He said, “Benh Zeitlin is a young man… So Benh Zeitlin will be back.”

While Deadline thought the ceremony was more “tame,” others saw it as a raucous party. “Part of the fun of the Spirits, a daytime ceremony held in a tent by the beach, is that the copiously flowing alcohol (starting with the 11 a.m. cocktail hour) sometimes leads to copiously flubbed moments,” said the New York Times.

All in all, the Spirit Awards went off without a hitch. Sometimes, “flubbed moments” make for the most entertaining awards shows.

See the full list of winners, including John Hawkes for Best Actor in The Sessions and Matthew McConaughey for Best Supporting Actor in Magic Mike HERE.

Dina Gachman

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