Sold-out: The Oscar Telecast Ads Are Already Bought

THR reports on the remarkably early sell-out of ads for the Oscar telecast, with ads going for up to a record $1.9M per, a return to ad rates before the economic crisis of 2008; with approximately 30 minutes of ad time available for the entire show, future ad availability is reportedly nil. (THR)

Are Horror Films at Halloween Guaranteed Box Office Money Makers?

In the last two decades no Halloween has come and gone without at least one themed release, but in the end it’s the movies, not the release date, that draws audiences. SSN explores how horror movies have fared over the years, getting that plum release date and the inherent Halloween-time publicity, as well as our list of the top 10 horror releases by global gross. (SSN)

24 Hours with Reel FX President of Animation Aron Warner

Aron Warner, President of Animation for Reel FX and the Academy Award-winning Producer of the Shrek films and upcoming Free Birds, explains to SSN why the animation business is anything but child’s play. (SSN)

‘Girl Code’ Season Two: Don’t Miss One of the Funniest Shows on TV

SSN’s spotlight on MTV’s Girl Code, a weekly half-hour program that gathers a group of smart, funny women to give their take on everything from dating, to dinner parties, snooping, promiscuity, girls’ night out, breakups, frenemies, and more. SSN caught up with cast members Shalyah Evans, Alice Wetterlund, and Nicole Byer. (SSN)

Why Netflix Is Freaking Hollywood Out

They don’t need advertisers and their 40M subscribers’ content consumption tells them all they need to know. The Los Angeles Times on why Netflix’s success and big moves are getting under the skin of streaming rivals, theater owners, and many studio and TV heads. (LAT)

Direct-to-Series Orders: Why Networks Are Sweetening The Deal

THR’s piece on the pilot process morphing more into direct-to-series orders as the networks try not to get left out of TV’s new Golden Age, as well as huge competition from Netflix, cable’s basic and premium platforms – and not wasting the time of big-name talent with the potential whiff of a failed pilot. (THR)

DC Entertainment Confirms Entire Operation To Move From NYC To Burbank In 2015

The Beat reports on the e-mail from DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson on the plans to centralize all operations in Burbank. DC Comics and Marvel have been in NYC for over five decades; all DC employees are being offered relocation opportunities in the move. (TB)

Producers & Directors: The 6 Myths of Film Distribution

Award-winning producer-writer Jerome Courshon (God, Sex & Apple Pie) on the six ‘lies’ of distribution, including bypassing traditional distribution in lieu of imagined DVD sales/VOD streaming, as well as thinking that because your film is selected by a top festival that it’s a cakewalk – when the truth is that your work will truly just be beginning. (WS)

Screenwriters: Setting A Tone For Your Screenplay

Script on the importance of tone, as it has to be solidly established no later than two pages into your script, and an example of setting it via two key sequences from the first two pages of the Children of Men script by Alfonso Cuarón and Timothy J. Sexton. The link to the story is here –> (SCRIPT)

Trailer Buzz: ‘Bettie Page Reveals All’

Mark Mori’s documentary on the model/pinup icon Bettie Page, who dropped out of sight in 1957 at the height of her career, features Page’s narration made prior to her death at 85 in 2008. The film opens in NY and LA next month before expanding.  (FN)

Karl Gibson

Karl Gibson (Editor, Studio System News) has worked in the Los Angeles media sector for over 15 years. His editorial experience encompasses over 1,400 printed daily, festival and special editions of ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ where he covered news desks and event coverage as Editorial Business Analyst from 2001 to 2008. He has worked for The New York Times Company, PR Newswire, The Knight Digital Media Center and appeared as a media panelist for events, festivals and television. Karl also has handled event, premiere and awards show coverage for over seven awards seasons.

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