John Landis On The New Hollywood: “Time Warner… Sony, these aren’t companies, they are f—ing nations.”

THR on director John Landis’ candid, vocal take on the media industry as it currently exists compared to the Golden Age, from the many unknown heads running their studios, to the paucity of original ideas, marketing costing more than the film itself, and why TV is unafraid to take risks. (THR)

With No Movie For 2014, Pixar Lays Off Nearly 5% of Staff

Animation on the Pixar ‘re-evaluating’ as in-the-works The Good Dinosaur’s move to 2015 leads to layoffs of less than 5% of their 1,200 staff members. Last month Pixar closed its Vancouver complex, resulting in nearly 80 staff cuts. (ANIM)

9 Superhero Movies That Didn’t Get Made – And Why…

What Culture lists 9 superhero movies that should have been made but weren’t, along with background on why the respective studios or producers/directors moved on in each case. The list includes: X-Men Origins: Magneto, Green Arrow: Escape From Super Max, and Batman Beyond. Also included in the story is a link to Daniel Waters’ entire original screenplay for the abandoned Tim Burton’s Catwoman. (WC)

Haven’t Read ‘The Hunger Games’ Books Or Seen The First Film? A New Viewer’s Cheat Sheet

CNN explains all the background you need to know about the games, the love triangle, and the Capitol, along with expert tips, before heading out to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. (CNN)

Jessica Lange Leaving ‘American Horror Story’ After Next Season

Lange gives Entertainment Weekly the exclusive that she’ll be leaving the hit FX franchise she’s starred in for three seasons after season four. Ryan Murphy notes Lange won’t be the season four lead but will have “a great juicy part.” (EW)

Bob Iger On Success: Don’t let it spawn arrogance, greed, risk aversion

Variety on highlights of Bob Iger’s leadership discussion at last night’s UCLA Anderson School of Management gala where he was honored. Iger spoke of the pitfalls of success intrinsic to the Industry. (VAR)

Job Market 411: 43% of 6,500 Employers To Cut Number of MBA Hires Next Year

Bloomberg Businessweek reports on new survey results that shows MBA hires in 2014 decreasing by 25%, including the finance sector, although MBA’s with experience will fare better. Also: college graduates face the best job market since 2007, PhD hires are in demand with a 26% planned increase in hiring. A chart of MBA hiring by sector is included. (BB)

What’s New On VOD: ‘The World’s End’ Leads New VOD Arrivals

Grantland’s list of films on VOD releases, with trailers and synopses, from The World’s End, We Are The Millers, and 2 Guns, to Violet & Daisy. (GRANT)

#Flashback Friday: 25 Special Effects Gamechangers At The Movies

From the Steadicam and CGI to digital oceans and realistic space vistas, Empire highlights 25 pioneers of the cinema, what made them significant, and the projects they inspired. Breakthrough films include The Matrix, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Inception, Life of Pi, Avatar, and more. (EMP)

Karl Gibson

Karl Gibson (Editor, Studio System News) has worked in the Los Angeles media sector for over 15 years. His editorial experience encompasses over 1,400 printed daily, festival and special editions of ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ where he covered news desks and event coverage as Editorial Business Analyst from 2001 to 2008. He has worked for The New York Times Company, PR Newswire, The Knight Digital Media Center and appeared as a media panelist for events, festivals and television. Karl also has handled event, premiere and awards show coverage for over seven awards seasons.

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