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Why Native Advertising Should Be An Important Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Native Advertising has grown steadily in use by B2B marketers in large part due to the ineffectiveness of traditional banner advertising in creating truly immersive experiences with audiences. (TT)

Scripps Networks COO Talks Digital Growth, Skinny Bundles And Ending Netflix Deal

“We stepped on the gas a year ago,” Burton Jablin said of launching Scripps Lifestyle Studios to create digital content for Snapchat and Facebook. (THR)

Top Deals

The film, Purely Peru, was produced by HuffPost’s RYOT and AOL to explain waterborne illnesses and how Clorox’s Safe Water Project provides materials to kill bacteria and viruses. (AW)

 In the last Modern Family episode, Phil seems to have decked the Dunphy house with some Google love: there’s a Google Home right on the kitchen counter and it’s not just there for show, it’s also part of the plot — albeit a very small part. (AP)

McCanns Invests Six-Figure Sum In Pyx Digital Branded Content Offer

McCann Manchester, the largest integrated agency outside London, has taken 30,000 sq ft of space to house its six-figure investment in a separate Pyx@McCanns digital content division. (PN)

Detroit Pistons Leverage Gamification Via Interactive Video Experience

The team officially rolled out a new game experience, dubbed “One-On-One with the Detroit Pistons,” becoming the first professional sports franchise to engage fans through interactive video technology. (ST)

‘Final Fantasy XV’ Nissin Cup Noodle Trailer And Other Funny Glitches

Nissin’s product placement ads are abundant in the game’s world, with their cups noodles showing up almost everywhere in Final Fantasy XV. (GG)

Hot Projects


Millennium Films’ horror starring John Malkovich, Adrien Brody and Antonio Banderas written and directed by Paul Solet. (SE)

Valley Girl (Like, Totally, A Musical)

MGM’s remake of the 1983 Nicolas Cage and Deborah Foreman film of the same name. Jessica Rothe will star with Rachel Goldenberg directing. (SE)

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