sdCC_TVShowsThanks to geek culture, gaming and entertainment hub IGN Entertainment, we’re listing nine television panels at Comic-Con this year to check out (for the full grid click here). This is the 45th Annual Comic-Con and what started as a convention devoted to the comic industry as since exploded into a convention about the visual arts.

In recent years the convention has seen a huge growth in interest for their television panels thanks in part to the fandom that can develop over a stretch of seasons compared to a one-off film. Coincidentally, there’s also been an increase in the female population thanks to shows like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries.  What once were panels secluded in smaller rooms have now earned their place alongside the major film panels in Hall H.  Even shows on the outskirts of geek culture like Parks and Recreation and Community have taken a bite out of the action with panels at the convention.

On Wednesday, the convention will hold their preview night where a bevy of hot pilots are screened for the early adapters in Hall H. Warner Bros., though has stepped away from the crowd to highlight their crop of shows on Saturday night with Arrow star Stephen Amell presiding over the premiere screenings. Below we list some of the great TV panels at this year’s Con.

Comic-Con 2014 TV Panels

Penny Dreadful

The hit series from Showtime will embark on its San Diego Comic-Con debut, with a complete panel featuring the likes of Josh Hartnett, Reeve Carney, Harry Treadaway, Josh Logan. The cherry on top? Aisha Tyler is moderating the panel in Ballroom 20 on Thursday at 6:00PM.

walking dead season 4AMC’s The Walking Dead

In what could be classified as the posterboy for television appearances at SDCC, AMC’s The Walking Dead will be making an appearance at Hall H on Friday, July 25 at 12:20PM. Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun and countless others will be on-hand for the panel and autograph session.

Game of Thrones

There are always a few panels that are “can’t-miss” every year at San Diego Comic-Con, and Game of Thrones is quickly becoming the head honcho of the bunch. Join the cast as they discuss the goings-on for the upcoming filming of Season Five on Friday in Hall H at 1:40PM.

Mike Tyson Mysteries

One thing you can always count on is to be entertained when a live mic is in front of Iron Mike. Mike Tyson himself will be present at the panel, due to drop on Friday at 2:30PM in the Indigo Ballroom. Learn more about his new TV series and get a glimpse into his madness.

Bob’s Burgers

On Friday, July 25 in the Indigo Ballroom, get a chance to see the cast of Bob’s Burgers doing what they do best: making stuff up. H. Jon Benjamin and Co. will be in attendance. Catch the panel of what’s becoming a surprise mainstream animated hit at 4:00PM.

arrow poster artArrow

While Marvel has their Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., DC is expanding their own universe with the likes of Arrow, a realistic view of the Green Arrow comic series. Join Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, and many more in Ballroom 20 on Friday at 5:30PM to hear all about the upcoming season.

Family Guy

Family Guy has been arriving at San Diego Comic-Con for many years now, but what separates this year from the rest of the pack is the impending Family Guy / Simpsons crossover episode that attendees will catch a glimpse of on Saturday at 1:00PM in Ballroom 20.

Warner Bros. Television & DC Entertainment

Who wants to catch an in-depth look at The Flash, Constantine, Arrow, and also catch the exclusive World Premiere of the upcoming Batman television series, Gotham? Oh, everybody? Well, you better head to Hall H at 8:00PM on Saturday, then.

The Strain

Creative visionary Guillermo del Toro is somebody you’ll want to see in person at least once in a lifetime. Don’t miss him at The Strain panel, alongside the likes of showrunner Carlton Cuse, Executive Producer/writer Chuck Hogan and the entire cast on Sunday at 1:45PM, right smack dab in Hall H.

For a full grid of the Comic-Con TV panels, click here to read more on IGN.

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