Here at SSN we’re well aware that our readers have something in common – they’re all busy! Whether it’s texting in the elevator, flying to #SXSW, scheduling drinks during lunch meetings, or ciphering through countless news sites, days are packed to the brim. Back in the day adaptations used to come primarily from books and news articles. Today people publish millions of clips, sound-bites, tweets, pictures, status updates, instagrams, vines, articles and snapchats every week. Within those are hidden gems of creativity and talent waiting to be found, better utilized, or contacted for a collaboration. SSN has put together a list of the top online finds so you can get #inspired, #creative, #productive, or #curious. Enjoy.

Les Photos De François [Instagram]

Big Hero 6 FranceSSN Insight: What does a 30-something teacher of literature and history do when he wants to add a little action into their life? Search for cinematic stills on their iPhone and juxtapose them against everyday backgrounds of course. That’s what Francois Dourlen, who lives in Cherbourg France started photographing anyways. Augmented reality has been around; Lionsgate marketed the latest Hunger Games with an app that puts a hovering vehicle over your surroundings, but much of its uses are on the serious end. Dourlen injected humor and created art, not to mention a genius way for consumers to help market the latest film. I see a Disney Instagram contest in the future….

Billboard Top 5 Mitzah Invitation ft. Brody Criz [YouTube]

SSN Insight: Written and directed by Patrick De Nicola and featuring the vocal stylings of 13 year old Brody Criz (with ample participation from this parents, less so from his brother), comes a Bar Mitzvah video that ups the ante. Why send out an invite on boring stationary when you can sing your invite to the tune of Pharrell, Robin Thicke, John Legen, Lorde and of course Frozen. Everyone will definitely RSVP to Criz’s party if nothing else than to witness what is sure to be some epic karaoke and dance-offs. The video has made the rounds and is up to 1.8 million views and counting. I see film school in this kids’ future.

Schmoyoho [YouTube]

SSN Insight: Schmoyoho aka The Gregory Brothers composed of Michael, Andrew, Sarah, and Evan have gifted Youtube with making the news more musical. The group has ‘songifyed’ or auto-tuned the news in videos like the “Double Rainbow Song”, “Oh My Dayum” and “Bed Intruder Song”. Tina Fey, who is behind Netflix’s The Unbreakable Kimmy Scmindt called them up to compose their hilarious theme song. “The music and melody for the show theme was already composed by [Fey’s husband] Jeff Richmond,” said Evan Gregory. “We were able to come in and augment it, and add key elements of songification to achieve maximum catchiness.” With newstainment becoming ever more popular, here’s hoping The Gregory Brothers team up with John Oliver.

City of the Monkey God Found [National Geographic Article]

city of monkeySSN Insight: Looking for the next Indiana Jones? Here’s one you can snatch from the headlines. According to National Geographic a team of archaeologists found a lost city dubbed “City of the Monkey God” deep in the Honduras rainforests last week. For a hundred years, there were tales of white ramparts barely visible above the jungle and a place where Indians took refuge from conquistadors never to be seen from again. Objects found, like a were-jaguar effigy, were left unexcavated and the site location remains unreleased for its protection. Still, the region is gravely threatened by deforestation. Virgilio Paredes Trapero, the IHAH director who operated the expedition says “The Honduran government is committed to protecting this area, but doesn’t have the money. We urgently need international support.”

The Zarfling Conflict [Kickstarter]

kickstarter zelfingSSN Insight: U.S. Army veteran Travis Blair created Zarflings- emotional, imaginative creatures, as a creative outlet with his mom in 2013. Per Blair’s Kickstarter page, “Zarflings came into existence from him studying emotions, while coping with the transition of life after the military.” After collaborating with over two dozen webcomic artists, he released a comic and now a card game based on War. The game is easy to learn and play and showcases the creativity that can arise when designers come together. The creatures would be perfect for a cartoon series or YouTube series. The project is funding until April 1 and only $9,000 is needed to realize his goal.

Black Mask Studios [YouTube]

SSN Insight: Media and comics publisher, Black Mask Studios isn’t just about the tights and capes crowd. Founded in 2012 by filmmaker Matt Pizzolo, Epitaph Records founder Brett Gurewitz and horror author Steve Niles, they started publishing comics to raise funds for the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Now they’re on to producing web series with a message like Liberator about vigilante animal welfare activists. Each of the five series has its own YouTube channel and accompanying comics and merchandise. They currently have an animated film in development based on their Godkiller series, which has been released on Netflix and Hulu, about a boy’s quest within a wasteland to find a new heart for his sister.

Museum of the Future [Twitter, YouTube]

SSN Insight: Why watch a trailer of Tomorrowland when you can visit it? The Prime Minister of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed tweeted about his newly launched museum of the future slated to open in 2017 in the Emirates Tower area of Dubai. “The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it…While others try to predict the future, we create it,” said Shaikh Mohammad in an interview posted on He envisions the museum as an incubator for real world designs and “a global destination for inventors and entrepreneurs”. Tony Stark would certainly make the trip.

SpindoTV [YouTube Kids App]

SSN Insight: Hasbro may have opened executive’s eyes with the billions grossed with Transformers. But Hasbro isn’t the only game in town. Spin Master has manufactured such toys as Air Hogs, Tech Deck fingerboards, and water-reactive drawing product Aquadoodle. But, the company hasn’t signed any deals with major studios. Rather, Spin Master has teamed with Mono Media (known for the adult-skewing toon Happy Tree Friends) to create SpindoTV for Google’s recently-introduced YouTube Kids app with future plans to debut the series on Cartoon Network. Mondo is currently taking pitches for original children’s programming ideas from producers. You can submit your ideas at

Diane Panosian

Diane Panosian is an editor for SSN Insider with a focus on financial and awards tracking.

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